Images Associated with Alexis Murphy’s Suspected Abductor Randy Taylor

Here are some images of the area along Route 29 (Thomas Nelson Highway) associated with Randy Allen Taylor, the convicted and incarcerated murderer of Alexis Tiara Murphy, aged 17, in the Lovingston, Nelson County, Virginia area. These images were taken from Google Maps.

First, here’s the area where Alexis Murphy was taken from August 3, 2013… the Liberty convenience store.

Callohill Drive, Lovingston, Nelson County, Virginia mall area - Image: Google Maps

Callohill Drive, Lovingston, Nelson County, Virginia mall area – Image: Google Maps


The Liberty convenience store and gasoline pumps are located at the upper center portion of the image. Note that 56, which crosses Rte. 29 or Thomas Nelson Highway, turns into Callohill Drive.


Now North is upwards in this photo. As you travel north, it isn’t long before you find yourself driving along the right in the next photo, which shows the driveway of the property of the purported abductor. The white auto in the image has nothing to do with the case, but it is right at the location of the property.

Rte. 29 - white car at entrance of property of accused.

Rte. 29 – white car at entrance of property of accused.

An aerial view of the property is seen in the next image, also a Google Maps image.

Aerial View of property.

Aerial View of property.


The images taken were not taken by me, as one might expect, as the FBI and other authorities would not appreciate my visiting! They are all Google images. I might say, however, that I’m pretty certain I have seen the suspect before, though where or when, I do not recall. He is the kind of man one does not notice.

The car in this image may merely have been a visitor, and may not have been owned by the abduction suspect, Randy Allen Taylor.

A photo of the suspect released to the public is seen last of all, Randy Allen Taylor. One website suggests he may have lived in Charleston, South Carolina, Charlottesville, Virginia, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Ruckersville, Virginia, and Lovingston, Virginia.

Front entrance view - Google Maps image.

Front entrance view – Google Maps image.

At this time, Mr. Taylor has been charged with abduction only, despite the fact that he was questioned concerning the abduction of Samantha Clarke, which never came to trial. An article covering that topic in detail may be seen online in Charlottesville’s The Hook.

Suspect - Randy Allen Taylor - Press ReleaseAnd here is the man himself, the photo being taken shortly after the crime, when the case was fresh in the news media.


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11 Responses to Images Associated with Alexis Murphy’s Suspected Abductor Randy Taylor

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  2. a charlottesvillian says:

    That’s inaccurate. He was never charged with the abduction of Samantha Clarke. He was charged with unrelated driving offenses and a firearm charge. The subject of Samantha Clarke came up in the article because the driving offenses and firearm charge were brought about at the request of officers who suspected Taylor in connection with Clarke, but whose investigations had not yielded evidence that would support an arrest, prosecution and conviction on any charge relating to Ms. Clarke.

  3. My question is: if Taylor abducted Alexis, would they not have traveled in the same car? And if that car was “ditched” in Charlottesville, how did Taylor get back to Nelson to be arrested?

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