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Ellen Hetland Fenwick, PhD.
Ellen H. Fenwick, PhD.

Ellen Hetland Fenwick is both a computer programmer and a mathematician. She holds a PhD in mathematics from Temple University, School of Science and Technology, 1976.

Ellen Hetland Fenwick – Other Achievements

Other credits include: MA Bryn Mawr College; BA Rutgers University. Ellen taught mathematics at Rutgers University, Drexel University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, et alia. Dr. Fenwick once authored the column, “Ars Nova,” for the Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly.


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7 thoughts on “Ellen Hetland Fenwick

  • Hi Ellen: My email address, which I have had forever and a day, (or n to the google power of time or is that the number of particles in the universe) I have in honor of your Calculus class at Drexel. When you taught us about limits. But I seemed to have spelled xeno wrong. Hope all is well. Scott

    • Well. Scott, I’t been a long time. I’m happy to hear from you. I went into industry (now I’m retired and living in State College, PA, but had a good ride in industry doing computer science. My last project: software for the U.S. lastest fighter, the F-22. E-mail me at andreshetland2 AT gmail.com; I’m still writing math papers and writing other things that come to mind.

      Good to hear from you.

  • Well, Bob, I centainly did, and I remember you well and with fondness. I worked in computer science when I left Spring Garden (certainly, you are right – it was not the garden of Eden. I worked tweny years in industry, and now retired at Foxdale Village in State College, PA. I had a good ride in industry. This is the first time I’ve looked at my messages here, so forgive my not answering sooner.

    I hope you get this message and E-mail me at andreshetland AT gmail.com



  • Dr. Fenwick,

    I took your Calculus class in 1968 at Rutgers–Camden. My wife Cathy took one of your classes as well. Several years after we had both graduated we ran into you in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. You immediately recognized us as Rutgers students you had taught. I was in graduate school and on my way to a conference. I was thinking about you today when a friend who is a high school teacher was reminiscing about influential teachers and their students. In that Calculus class, you offered bonus points to students who could show that they had purchased Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. That small book had a profound effect on my writing during my academic career. In fact, my Genetics students at Berry College have used it to help them write scientific papers for the past 30 years. Thanks so much for being an inspiration. My late wife Cathy, who took your introductory college math course, considered you one of her favorite teachers.

    John H. Graham
    Reid Professor of Biology Emeritus
    Berry College

    • Dear Dr. Graham,

      I write in behalf of my first cousin, Ellen. I do so, because I am not certain she is alive still, or if she is, if she is not in an incommunicado part of a housing institution. Ellen (affectionately called “Little Ellen”) is and was always special to me. But perhaps a couple of years ago, I received a rather confusing message from her. Ever since, I have heard nothing, despite repeat messages from me.

      It’s a pleasure to receive your fond remembrance communication. I do hope she is currently both alive and well.

      Vince Summers

  • John (Jay) Schade

    Ellen, I was just informed that your eldest son, Tom, passed away yesterday (5/7/21). His death was apparently the result of a stroke he suffered a couple years ago. After initially responding to rehab, he appeared to be recovering but then began a steady decline this year. The last I spoke with “Lou” was about 1-1/2 years ago. I spoke with Karen about 2 mos. ago. This news comes from his friend Mike Falker. My prayers go out to you and to Karen. I am so sorry for your loss. Be well.
    Jay Schade

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