Vincent’s Qualifications

Vincent Edward Summers

  QuirkyScience - About Vince In the introduction, I indicated I am a retired chemist. Thirty-some years ago I attended Drexel University. There I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

  More than 15 years later, I eagerly pursued graduate organic and quantum chemistry courses at the University of Virginia, through its Citizen Scholar Program.

I have a fairly strong background in mathematics. Thus I can appreciate other scientific disciplines, including physics and biology.

Time Well Spent?

Secularly, I was associated for twenty-three years with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. During my time there, I developed specialty processes for electroforming and electroplating microwave electronics. These were specifically designed for use in radio telescope receivers, such as the one pictured below and right.

I was fortunate enough to have played a small role in the extended Voyager 2 project. Exceptionally weak signals broadcasted from the spacecraft required cutting edge receivers.  In 2005, I took early retirement. I took employment briefly at a concrete testing firm. Later I became Operator-in-Responsible-Charge for our local sewer plant. After that, I became a freelance writer.

And These Few Golden Years

Vincent Edward Summers
VLA Lone Dish: Image (2002) courtesy NRAO/AUI and Photo: Matthew L. Abbondanzio
My writing experience has helped me look at life differently. I take an immediate interest in everything that goes on, sometimes plying individuals with unanticipated questions. I enjoy researching topics that are new to me with the intent of sharing them.

I hope you’ll find at least some of the science articles and links provided here quirky enough to interest you.

-Vincent Edward Summers
(the name my mother called
me when she was angry

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