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Author Vincent Summers

My full name is Vincent Edward Summers. In the introduction, I indicated I am a retired chemist. Some fifty years ago I attended Drexel University. There I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.


More than 15 years later, I eagerly pursued graduate organic and quantum chemistry courses at the University of Virginia, through its Citizen Scholar Program.

Time Well Spent?

Secularly, I was associated for twenty-three years with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. During my time there, I developed specialty processes for electroforming and electroplating microwave electronics. These were specifically designed for use in radio telescope receivers, such as the one pictured below and right.

I was fortunate enough to have played a small role in NASA’s extended Voyager 2 project. Exceptionally weak signals broadcasted from the spacecraft required cutting edge receivers.  In 2005, I took early retirement. I took employment briefly at a concrete testing firm. Later I became Operator-in-Responsible-Charge for our local sewer plant. After that, I became a freelance writer.

And These Few Golden Years

Vincent Edward Summers
VLA Lone Dish: Image (2002) courtesy NRAO/AUI and Photo: Matthew L. Abbondanzio

My writing experience has helped me view things around me in a different light. I take an immediate interest in everything that goes on, plying those around me with unanticipated questions. I enjoy researching topics that are new to me, stripping away needless jargon, clarifying them so others can see them more clearly.

I hope you’ll find at least some of the science articles and links provided here quirky enough to interest you.

Vincent Edward Summers
(the name Mom called me when she was angry)

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