Wissahickon Creek Garnets

[caption id="attachment_4022" align="alignright" width="440"] Wissahickon Creek[/caption] Childhood memories are intense. They can last into adulthood. One memory I haveconcerns a trip to see my grandparents. They lived in Manayunk, PA. I lived in Camden County, NJ. Toward the end of the trip, we would pass the Wissahickon Creek. The area of the Wissahickon is beautiful, both for its natural scenery and its architecture. Especially so for the Henry Street Bridge. I was about ten years old at the time, in 1958. I had a deep interest in rock hounding, so I would gaze admiringly at the Wissahickon Creek. Just the same, we never did stop there. What was it that fascinated me so? The Wissahickon's garnet schist. [caption id="attachment_4024" align="alignright" width="405"] Henry Avenue Bridge crosses the Wissahickon[/caption] Wissahickon Creek Garnet…
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