[12]Annulene and Two Simple Derivatives – Aromaticity?

Complex chemicals possess names almost equally complex. Occasionally, a simpler nomenclature can be employed. For basic aromatic compounds, composed of a ring of alternating single and double bonded carbon atoms in a ring, the name [n]annulene has been is commonly used. Examples, including [12]annulene are given below. Aromaticity We won't go into the theory behind aromaticity. What we will do is lay out the basic factors that students use to determine if a compound is aromatic. 1. The ring is composed of conjugated single and double bonds (...−C=C−C=...). 2. The molecule is relatively flat. 3. The number of available π-electrons equals 4n + 2 (a Hückel number), where n is generally a small positive integer.¹ 4. Crowding does not severely limit or prevent aromaticity. 5. Ring size affects aromaticity, but…
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