Saved from Cannibals by Captain James Ceronio

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[caption id="attachment_26236" align="alignright" width="480"] New Guinea cannibals. - Image Library of Congress[/caption]Yes, some people were saved from cannibals by my distant relation. You see, he was a ship’s captain. He had been raised on the east coast of what would become the United States. But he didn't stay there indefinitely. James Montague Delare Ceronio was born 1782/1783. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died December 6, 1860 in Chandernagore, India. This fascinating man was married 3 times. First to Elizabeth Beckford of Australia. Then to Mary Poles on November 15, 1811. Finally to Catherine Amanda Charters on March 1, 1823. How would he help some people be saved from cannibals? My distant cousin, Marilyn Long, writes: “I went to Chandernagore where James died in 1860 from fever as he…
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