More About Paradoxes – Ellen Hetland Fenwick w. Benjamin Curtin

Paradoxes: The Box Problem: Remember the puzzle I posted a short time ago? I state it again... The boxes below contain the BOX numbers of five boxes: BOX 0 contains all BOX numbers that do not contain their own BOX numbers. Here are two questions: Should 0 be in Box 0? Should 0 not be in Box 0? The answers to the questions are as follows: If 0 is in Box 0, it should not be. If 0 is not in Box 0, it should be. This is an example of paradoxes. Here are some others. Paradoxes: The Barber Problem The barber shaves all those who do not shave themselves. Who shaves the barber? Answer: if he shaves himself he should not; if he does not shave himself he should.…
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