Characteristics of a High Mass Star

[caption id="attachment_5770" align="alignright" width="440"] Crab Nebula - NASA & ESA[/caption] A high mass star has more matter than a low mass star. More matter increases a star’s gravitational field. Gravity produces the heat that initiates fusion. Fusion occurs more readily in a high mass star. It also lowers life expectancy. It can result in a supernova event and the producing of a neutron star. Some say it can even result in a black hole. Fusion Fusion begins by combining hydrogen atoms into helium atoms. As hydrogen diminishes, it is predominantly helium atoms that fuse. Helium concentrates at the center since gravity pulls it more due to its greater mass. As the helium fuses, it forms carbon atoms. Carbon then gravitates to the center of the star. Over time, layers form.…
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