Is Lard Public Enemy No. 1? Not in Your Sweet Life

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[caption id="attachment_23419" align="alignright" width="369"] Copyright © 2014-2015 Renderings Natural Fats, LLC. All rights reserved.[/caption] I am 70. During just my lifetime, there have been many changes in viewpoint as to what it is healthful to eat. Among the changes were controversies concerning Butter Chocolate Eggs Organ meats Lard The first three foods have regained acceptance, at least to a degree. The fourth item, organ meats, includes livers, kidneys, sweet breads, and hearts. As a result, how many of us today include kidneys or 'sweet breads' in our menu? Once removed from the dinner table, children are not exposed to such foods, so they are reluctant to try them later. But What About Lard? Just as butter was largely replaced by a manufactured product, margarine, lard was replaced by products such…
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