Does Glass Flow? Is Glass Liquid or Is It Solid?

Chemistry, History
[caption id="attachment_14158" align="alignright" width="440"] Old glass (top); new glass (bottom).[/caption] From childhood, I had been told (and believed) that glass is a liquid. Kids are so trusting! I never doubted what the grown-ups were telling me was gospel truth. Well, is it the truth? Is glass liquid or solid? The answer is (and I say this almost sadly) glass is a solid. Is Glass Liquid Kids may be gullible, but adults should not be. They should know better. So the idea that glass is a liquid—where did the adults get that from? On what evidence was it based? It came from the belief that glass flows. "Evidence" did seem to suggest it. What evidence? [sc name="MidArticleAdsense"] The evidence of the windowpanes. I’m not sure how easy this is to check…
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