White Wheat Bread is Different from Ordinary White Bread

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[caption id="attachment_16014" align="alignright" width="480"] Wheat in the field.[/caption] In the bread section of the local grocery store you notice a moderately new product called white wheat bread. It’s not called just bread, or even white bread, but white wheat bread. Is it somehow different from ordinary white bread? If that is so, in what way is it different? Is it a cause for concern? White wheat bread is a form of whole wheat bread. How can that be? Let’s look at the structure of wheat. Wheat Berries [caption id="attachment_16017" align="alignright" width="228"] Wheat berry cross-section. - NIH Senior Health[/caption] The cereal grain wheat is classified as a berry, variety caryopsis. As an ear of corn does not include the husk, a single wheat berry is the entire grain minus the husk.…
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