Epoxide Ring Preparation by Oxidation of Alkenes

How many have purchased a 2-tube pack of epoxy at their local hardware or grocery store? It’s a routine item we use to repair a variety of objects. But what is it that makes epoxy glue so strong? Its name gives it away. Epoxy glues use epoxy compounds. Epoxides. What is an epoxide? It’s Simple? Yes An epoxide is a molecule with a tiny 3-member ring in its structure. One atom is oxygen. Two are carbon. The epoxy link is illustrated in Figure 1. R₁, R₂, R₃, and R₄ are pendant groups. How is such a 3-member ring created? Often by the oxidation of an alkene. The reader may appreciate an example.1 Propene Let's try the oxidation of propene, CH3CH=CH2.2 What would be a suitable oxidizing agent for the reaction?…
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