Water Coolant in Internal Combustion Engines

[caption id="attachment_7705" align="alignright" width="440"] Most internal combustion engine radiators use water as coolant.[/caption] Automobile manufacturers almost invariably design their automobiles to use radiator cooling. Within the radiator, the fluid of choice is water coolant. A few additives in small quantities help minimize the formation of rust and reduce the freezing point. Why do they use radiators, and why is water the liquid of choice? As you might expect, it is the physical and chemical properties of water that dictate its use. What properties? Fluid Choice Common fluids include free moving solid-particles, liquids, and gases. As an example of fluid solids, black molybdenum sulfide is a solid lubricant used on certain moving automotive parts. That gases can cool should be intuitive. One blows on a forkful of hot food to keep…
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