Dangerous Medicine Including Foot Fluoroscope (X-ray) Machines

History, Medicine
[caption id="attachment_19620" align="alignright" width="440"] Operator / observer side Adrian Special fluoroscope[/caption] Medicine has always sought to cure sufferers of what ails them. In the physician's valiant efforts, sometimes, not only success failed to be achieved, but the sufferer was worse off. In the Bible book bearing his name, Mark relates one well-known ancient example: "Now there was a woman subject to a flow of blood twelve years, and she had been put to many pains by many physicians and had spent all her resources and had not been benefited but, rather, had got worse." -Mark 5:25, 26. Again, mercury and other hazardous substances were sometimes used in the formulation of medications. In fact, the body of one famous individual with a violent disposition was exhumed to determine if there was…
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