Using Buffalo, Cow, or Camel Dung for Fuel

[caption id="attachment_9613" align="alignright" width="440"] Komaya (cow) dung being prepared for fuel.[/caption] Fossil fuels are used for energy to heat homes and serve commercial and other purposes. Other sources include geothermal and solar energy. But there is a very important and non-fossil fuel commonly in use throughout much of the world. The resource is plentiful and offers an assortment of advantages as well. You don't mean (yes I do) animal dung for fuel? Dung for Fuel The dung of choice is – yes – buffalo, cow, llama, and camel dung. Dung is the excrement, manure, or feces of an animal, and is commonly called animal “pooh.” It is of ancient, historical origin, even being referenced in the Bible, although not in a positive context. Dung is most readily burned dry. It…
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