Calculate Radiation Energy By Wavelength

[caption id="attachment_6281" align="alignright" width="480"] Rainbow Light[/caption] Light exhibits properties that make it seem to have a dual-nature. Sometimes it resembles a particle. Sometimes it resembles a wave. In this article, the energy of a particle will be calculated using a wave property - wavelength. The energy is radiation energy. Radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum in order of decreasing wavelength begins at the low end with radio waves and microwaves. Next is light radiation from the infrared region, the visible and the ultraviolet. Highest in frequency are the x-rays and cosmic radiation. The wavelength range is from approximately 100,000 centimeters to one ten-billionth of a centimeter! The Nature of Light Scientists do not completely understand light. So far it has best been described as possessing two natures. Sometimes it acts as…
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