Does Pineapple Weed or Wild Chamomile Grow in Your Lawn?

Chemistry, Plants
[caption id="attachment_17548" align="alignright" width="440"] Mystery plant. Image S. Korte.[/caption] I take a measure of pride in being able to identify various tiny weeds in the spring of the year. Pointing them out to a car-group of friends, one of them adventured out on their own and brought back a tiny plant I felt sure I could make quick work of. But the little plant, with its almost lacy leaves and tiny egg-shaped yellow ‘flower’ mystified me completely. I sniffed it and detected a most unusual odor that nevertheless was not unpleasant. It resembled a cross between a tiny evergreen tree and an egg or pineapple. It was not a pineapple, but it was wild chamomile or the pineapple weed (Matricaria discoidea). Research cited below, by Daise Lopes & Paul P.…
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