FBI “Sheiks” Visit a Virginia Superfund Cleanup Site

Chemistry, History
[caption id="attachment_24210" align="alignright" width="480"] Former Office Building at the Superfund Site[/caption] The best known superfund1 cleanup site has to be the Love Canal, named for William T. Love. It is located in northwestern New York State. Originally envisioned as a community, this 70-acre tract later became a dumpsite for the Hooker Chemical Company. At the end of its use in the early 1950s, the waste site was sold for the sum of $1 to the Niagara Falls School Board, for the purpose of constructing a new school. Built into the sale was a far-reaching disclaimer to avoid legal action against Hooker. The end result was the conceiving of a community riddled with miscarriages, chromosomal damage, birth defects, and leukemia. Media-driven notoriety peaked during the late 1970s. American Cyanamid Superfund Site…
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