Aquaponics: Symbiosis of Plants and Fish

[caption id="attachment_9328" align="alignright" width="440"] Commercial aquaponics system. - Image CC-SA 2.0 Generic by ryan griffis, Growing Power, Milwaukee.[/caption] About once a month I paid a visit to a couple that live about twenty minutes from me. One day they discussed with me their new found interest in aquaponics.1 I received a royal tour of the greenhouse, which holds a basin for fish, pumps, tubs, tubing, gravel beds, and filters. I was favorably impressed! One Man's Poison Fish produce body wastes. The word wastes in this instance can be changed to treasure, as the fish wastes serve as food for the plants. The waste water is pumped through plastic piping above tubs of pea gravel, in which the plants are rooted, free of soil. The piping has small holes. This sprinkles…
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