The Curiously Stable Dodecaborate Dianion

There is a lot of talk concerning the chemistry of carbon. And this is totally appropriate. The chemistry of carbon is the chemistry of life. But little is known about boron, which is right next door to carbon on the periodic table of the elements. Yet, boron is a most interesting element. For one thing, boron, like carbon, is capable of bonding to itself. Boron Bonds to Itself There are many compounds in which the element does just that, it bonds to itself. Consider a few of its combinations with hydrogen (see the image). As you advance to larger boron-hydrogen structures, however, it becomes clear the molecular bonding for boron differs considerably from the hydrocarbons. Dodecaborane Dodecaborane somewhat resembles dodecahedrane (C20H20) in outward appearance, even though in terms of bonding,…
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