Vince’s Turkey and Chicken Stuffing Recipe

I’ve always had a great stuffing recipe, but even great can be made better. I’m 71 now, so here’s how I make (and use) my better-than-great turkey and chicken stuffing. Stuffing Recipe: Chicken In a No. 8 cast-iron skillet, melt 6 oz. butter as you cut a medium white onion, into pieces that are not too fine—say 1/3” x 1/2”. Over a low heat, soften the onions well, but do not brown them. Take a loaf of white bread—for example, Arnold’s® Italian White—break pieces approximately 3/4″ square, forming a layer atop the onions and butter. Sprinkle ground sage, thyme leaves and marjoram fairly generously on the layer. Sage should predominate, thyme next and marjoram should be used in smaller measure. Using a wooden spoon, stir everything to uniformity. Add another…
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