Why Chocolate Truffle Centers Cool the Tongue

Chemistry, Food
[caption id="attachment_14026" align="alignright" width="480"] Yum! Chocolate Truffles.[/caption] A chocolate truffle may be a hollow sphere of hard chocolate filled with a special sort of chocolate filling. The filling inside melts in a unique way. When you put a truffle in your mouth, the inside chocolate cools your tongue. Is that really possible? Yes it is. It is not merely a psychological effect. Chocolate truffle centers really do cool the tongue. Chocolate Truffle Centers Cool the Tongue When the truffle is put into the mouth and the lips close around it, energy comes from the cheeks, the palate, and especially the tongue. The temperature of the tongue generally remains nearly constant and is higher than that of the truffle's center. The outer chocolate of the truffle dissolves away slowly. The center…
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