Hydrogen Bonding Effects at Various Levels

[caption id="attachment_6362" align="alignright" width="440"] Hydrogen Bonding - a DNA step.[/caption] Hydrogen bonding ranges from simple interactions to protein folding and the double helix of DNA. Atoms bond to each other in a variety of ways. Among these are ionic bonds. Ionic bonds feature electron transfer between atoms. Then there are covalent bonds. These share electrons between atoms. There are also and metallic bonds. These consist of a matrix of atoms interlaced with mobile valence electrons. In addition to these major forms of bonding, there are weaker yet highly important bond types. Foremost of these are hydrogen bonds. Description A hydrogen bond is a tenuous electrostatic attraction between an already bonded atom of hydrogen and a second (electronegative) atom. These two atoms can be located in the same molecule or different…
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