Memorizing Long Numbers – Two Quick Memory Aids

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[caption id="attachment_15687" align="alignright" width="440"] Dice - Image Pixabay[/caption] Memorizing long numbers? How can I do that? I recall being told the average American can repeat quickly only numbers with five or fewer digits. For example, hearing several numbers, say 17, 38294, 584, and 127532, most can only say back the 17, 38294, and 584 – not the 127532. How can such a person improve in memorizing long numbers so he can recall 6, 7, and even more digits? There are two ways. The first involves a kind of 'device'. One definition of mnemonic device is “a memory technique to help your brain better encode and recall important information”. Memory Aid – Grouping Numbers Almost anyone can repeat a string of three. Jill speaks a three-digit number. Bob repeats it back…
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