Olive Oil and Peanut Oil Fat Composition and Percentages

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[caption id="attachment_15332" align="alignright" width="480"] Peanuts fresh from the ground.[/caption] Two of the fats among the most recommended by health buffs are peanut oil and olive oil. Let’s check ‘em out to see what the chemistry is for each of these oils, what their reputed health benefits are, and how they perform in their cooking assignment. Yes, let’s compare individual substances found within peanut oil and olive oil. Peanut Oil Components There are three major components of peanut oil – triglycerides of oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids. A triglyceride is the combining of three fatty acid molecules with one molecule of glycerin. Approximate percentages are: 48% Monounsaturated [Oleic Acid] 34% Polyunsaturated [Linoleic Acid] 18% Saturated [Palmitic Acid] Oleic acid is an unsaturated, 9-omega, cis-fatty acid. Linoleic acid is an unsaturated 6-omega,…
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