More High School Math

[caption id="attachment_5627" align="alignright" width="400"] Calculations[/caption] The most practical math for people to understand is undoubtedly high school math, rather than college math. After all, how much calculus is used when you go grocery shopping, get your plumbing fixed, or you go skiing on the weekend? High School Math You've got to love it. Here's the first high school math problem. Problem 1: Simplify the mathematical expression: (x-2y3)4 (x-3y4)-2 Simplifying the first parenthetical expression, we get (x-8y12) It is the powers we multiply when powers are raised to powers. Doing similarly with the second parenthetical expression, we get for that (x6y-8) The equation now reads, (x-8y12) (x6y-8) When we multiply numbers, we add and subtract powers. This gives, (x-2y4) [Answer] ------------------------- Problem 2: 2/10 divided by n equals 3-1/2. What does…
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