Polymeric Water Clusters

Chemistry, Physics
[caption id="attachment_12642" align="alignright" width="480"] Ice floating in water. Image Morguefile by larryfarr[/caption] Polymeric water clusters? What are they? And what do they have to do with life? There‚Äôs no point in discussing how important water is to life. It is the single most necessary compound for the existence and survival of human, animal, and plant life. Why Special? What makes water special is its unusual behavior. Typical of liquids, as water approaches freezing, its density increases. Yet just before freezing, it suddenly decreases. This is why ice floats. Once it forms, ice insulates the water beneath it. It prevents large bodies of water from freezing solid. How? Hydrogen bonding. To understand hydrogen bonding, we must first consider the shape of the water molecule. Geometry of a Water Molecule A water…
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