TV Series Lockup – Herbert L Maris (Starring Macdonald Carey)

[caption id="attachment_9530" align="alignright" width="440"] Macdonald Carey plays a Philadelphia lawyer.[/caption] Ever heard of Herbert L Maris? Me neither. But he is the subject of an old TV show! TV is not the only source of video entertainment. Online viewing is increasing in popularity. One such source is YouTube. Classic Viewing at Its Best 1959-1960 was a golden year for TV shows. One was a lawyer series. It starred Macdonald Carey. He played true life Philadelphia lawyer Herbert L. Maris. Introducing Herbert L Maris Each episode opens with the words: “These stories are based on the files and case histories of Herbert L Maris, prominent attorney, who has devoted his life to saving the innocent.” Just who was he? Herbert was the son of George Lewis and Anna Mary Pinkerton Maris.…
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