Thumbnail Mystery: Mike Rubino – Music to Die For

Entertainment, Logic
Thumbnail Mystery: No one truly liked Mike Rubino. Oh, he had his circle of “friends” and he believed in them. But they all had their reasons to be nice to him. You’d think he’d realize that, but he didn’t. Mike had redeeming qualities. It’s just they were overpowered by the “other” kind. “Hey George, c’mere.” When Mike called, you came. “What? What do you want?” The ‘party of the second part’ was George “Big Nose” Hamlin. One finger or the other was always up-it. George was the closest thing to an actual friend Mike had. Mike viewed George as his “right-hand man.” Uh, yeah. Let's not go there... The catch is, this wore on George’s nerves—George, get this—George, get that. In a low voice Mike said, “D’ja hear from Eddy?”…
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