Potato Varieties: Nutritional Differences

[caption id="attachment_3153" align="alignright" width="440"] Photo by Scott Bauer - USDA Agricultural Research Service[/caption] Potato varieties just may be the spice of life. The humble potato is a tuberous vegetable. Some give it a bad reputation. Many consider it to be a massive source of calories and little nutritional value. This is wrong. Most potato shortcomings result, not from the potato, but from the way in which it is prepared. As an example, consider the potato chip: thin potato wedges fried in oil and practically dipped in salt. Or what about the baking potato? Is it served with great gobs of sour cream or, perhaps butter or cheese? Even potato salad is hard to rationalize as salad. Chunks of potato goodness set in a veritable sea of high-fat dressing? Bad for…
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