Instant Pudding Thickening Chemistry

Chemistry, Food
Ordinary “cook” pudding, such as Royal Pudding or Jello Pudding, has been around for decades. It is a starch product that, combined with milk, sets into semi-solid form through heating. However, “instant” pudding utilizes a different thickening mechanism. In fact, two thickening mechanisms. What are the mechanisms for instant pudding thickening? A Concrete Thickening Model It’s like making concrete from Portland cement! Really, like that? Think of what the Portland cement contains. It is largely a mixture of silicates. Among these are dicalcium silicate (CaO2)2•(SiO2) and tricalcium silicate (CaO2)3•(SiO₂2). Mixing the cement powder with water yields an inorganic polymer matrix. We will introduce a model for the thickening process of instant pudding in just a moment. First, though, you may enjoy looking at this very early Jell-o Instant Pudding commercial…
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