Devils Dice – What Are They?

Chemistry, Geology
[caption id="attachment_13950" align="alignright" width="380"] Peruvian Striated Pyrite - Rob Lavinsky CCSA3.0[/caption] I was in my 30s when I first heard of Devils Dice. What are they? I was raised in New Jersey. At the age of 33, I moved to Virginia. This short north-to-south emigration exposed me to certain speech, food, and culture changes. It took me a month to get over the accent. During that time, my brain adjusted and the accent sounded totally normal to me! I missed scrapple a lot. Since then, I’m happy to say scrapple successfully has invaded the south. But there were other changes as well. In the south, there are buzzards. There are red bud trees. There are ABC stores! Even the ground itself offered something new. There is this kind of…
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