Yeast and Baking Powder Bread Dough

Chemistry, Food
[caption id="attachment_6469" align="alignright" width="440"] CC-SA 3.0 by Lou Sander[/caption] Have you ever made dough with yeast and baking powder? Bread is one of the staples of life. Some translations of the Bible read, "Give us this day our daily bread." Most bread is leavened bread. Leavening refers to an ingredient or ingredients designed to raise and lighten bread, through the incorporation of tiny gas bubbles throughout the dough. Dough rises through two mechanisms, employing yeast and baking powder. The first is a biological process, the second is a chemical process. Either procedure results in a delicious, decidedly edible product. Yeast Rolls Yeast rolls and other breads are raised by means of microscopic animals called yeast. Yeast combines oxygen from the air with carbohydrates such as glucose sugar to produce carbon…
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