Vintage Movies: Will They Disappear?

The Arts
[caption id="attachment_5554" align="alignright" width="380"] A young Lionel Barrymore.[/caption] Vintage movies - what will become of them? The previous few generations were the first to enjoy movies and television. Video added another dimension previously unknown in recorded entertainment. First there were the silents. Not offering speech, rather than presenting films in dead silence, musical accompaniment, perhaps by an organist, was provided. Later, approximately 1927, “talkies” began to feature human speech. A New Era Black and white films experienced tremendous growth in quality of cinematography, although some of the actors--those with a background in the silents—over-dramatized their characters. In the late 1930’s, basically black-and-white films had embedded within them a few scenes in color. Of course, in time, most motion pictures were entirely filmed in color. Moving On Up Larger screens and…
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