Bird’s Eye or Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica)

Medicine, Plants
Birdseye Speedwell, also known as Persian Speedwell (Veronica persica), is a little blue, unobtrusive yet attractive blue flower with a white center. It has darker blue parallel markings from the center to the tips of each petal. The reason these beautiful flowers tend to go unnoticed is their diminutive size. They grow as weeds in your lawn. Get Acquainted with Veronica There are descriptive details for the Speedwell provided on line—its structure, growth habits, even its eradication—but little is spoken of its proven usefulness or its chemistry. Legend (if you will) has it that the little blue-and-white flower is helpful in treating a plethora of ailments, but especially in relaxing tense muscles in the neck and shoulder area and in treating skin rashes. Rich in Glycosides [caption id="attachment_16381" align="alignright" width="230"]…
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