Orange Oranges is an Historic Controversy

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[caption id="attachment_10239" align="alignright" width="440"] Orange oranges.[/caption] As a kid many moons ago, I was told there really aren't any orange oranges.  That is to say, they aren’t naturally orange, but are really green. Is this true? Not entirely,  but it is partly true. Many oranges do turn orange, at least in part. Temperature and sunlight levels are relevant. The green color present in some ripe fruits is chlorophyll. Yet, when we go to the store, we see oranges that are at least mostly orange, usually completely so. Oranges, you see are often dyed. Now you may have already known that. But did you know there once was a controversy over it? We transcribe a Palm Springs, CA Desert Sun news article for 1958. The Supreme Court Rules Washington (UPI) –…
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