Trick Question About a Balloon

Education, Physics
Do your ears perk up when you are asked a "trick question"? Well I have one about a balloon for you. Which weighs more, an empty balloon or a helium-filled balloon? When I first thought of this one, it took me a minute to realize the answer myself. Stop for a moment. Close your eyes and think this through. Have you arrived at an answer? Are you sure you're right? We'll provide some specifics in giving our answer - an example. Providing Specifics A typical empty balloon weighs between 1 and 5 grams. Let's say it is 3 grams. You could easily fit it within a 1"x1"x1" cubic block. OK. What size will our balloon be after it becomes a helium-filled balloon? Let's pick a believable size, say 9" around.…
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