Guadeloupe or Creeping Cucumber – Weed or Food?

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Perhaps you enjoy cucumbers in your garden salad, or in some other form, say dill or sweet pickles? If so, you may be surprised that one form of cucumber—the Guadeloupe or creeping cucumber is not considered by most to be a food item at all, but a weed. This 'cucumber' predominates in the southeastern quadrant of the United States, although it is also found elsewhere in the world. The Guadeloupe or Creeping Cucumber Some would beg to differ as to its being inedible. While it remains obviously green (resembling a small watermelon) they readily consume the tiny fruit. However, as it darkens, turning black, they avoid it, considering the creeping cucumber an intense laxative. [caption id="attachment_15504" align="alignright" width="300"] Melothria pendula flower - CC-by-SA2.0 by Jacopo Werther[/caption] The creeping cucumber is…
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