Secondary School Math Problems Plus Solutions

[caption id="attachment_5613" align="alignright" width="480"] Fractal[/caption] For some, it's actually fun when they come across secondary school math problems plus solutions. It's because they are no longer accountable, since they graduated years ago. Math Problems Plus Solutions Problem 1: Find the slope intercept form of the line passing through the point (– 1, 5) and parallel to the line – 6x – 7y = – 3. The line given is rewritten (in slope-intercept form, y = mx + b) as y = – 6/7 x + 3/7 Thus the slope m = – 6/7 Now two lines are parallel if they have the same slope. So, y = – 6/7 x + b is the formula for the new line, with the intercept not yet solved. We do so by inserting…
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