About Ellen

Ellen_2012_1Ellen Hetland Fenwick is both a computer programmer and a mathematician. She holds a PhD in mathematics from Temple University, School of Science and Technology, 1976.

Other credits include: MA Bryn Mawr College; BA Rutgers University. Ellen taught mathematics at Rutgers University, Drexel University, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, et alia. Dr. Fenwick once authored the column, “Ars Nova,” for the Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly.




2 Responses to About Ellen

  1. Bob Peckman says:

    Did you ever teach at Spring Garden (not the Garden of Eden)?
    Bob Peckman (the weird physics teacher)

  2. Hi Ellen: My email address, which I have had forever and a day, (or n to the google power of time or is that the number of particles in the universe) I have in honor of your Calculus class at Drexel. When you taught us about limits. But I seemed to have spelled xeno wrong. Hope all is well. Scott

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