Bobby Rydell’s One-Hit Wonder: Swingin’ Together

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Bobby Rydell in 1960.
Bobby Rydell in 1960.

Musicians (not Bobby Rydell) have made one-hit wonders. But music groups aren’t the only source of one-hit wonders. Another source is video pilots of movies and television programs that for one reason and another simply didn’t make it. Watch some of those video wonders, and you’ll say, “It’s no wonder they flopped.” Watch others and you’ll wonder what was wrong with broadcasters.

What Would Today’s Audience Say?

It’s curious that some of the movies and programs that didn’t make it in the past, if watched by a current viewing audience might be rated fairly well. Some of the shows are surprisingly good, in fact. Probably it’s because there are many current shows that are being foisted on the public that aren’t worth the commercials they are coupled with.

Maybe “Let’s Twist Again?”

Take for one good example the half-hour TV pilot Swingin’ Together, starring Bobby and James Dunn. Rydell’s quality singing and the song Let’s Twist Again, not to mention the appearance of the lovely guest star Stefanie Powers, this presentation would be a shoe-in today.

Care to watch it? Mr. Rydell was never better.


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2 thoughts on “Bobby Rydell’s One-Hit Wonder: Swingin’ Together

  • I assume you’re talking about video only, because Bobby Rydell himself was not a one-hit wonder at all. He was one of my favorite artists in the 60’s, with a long string of top 40 hits, in fact, according to Wikipedia, “During the 1960s, Rydell had numerous hit records on the Billboard Hot 100 record chart. His recording career earned him 34 Top 40 hits, placing him in the Top 5 artists of his era (Billboard).”

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