Tender, Delicious Scalloped White Bush Pan Patty Squash

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bush pan patty squash
8-1/2″ Squash – Photo July 2018.

In the Southeast United States, yellow crookneck, yellow straight-neck, butternut, acorn, and zucchini are prominently grown squashes. Less frequently seen is one squash that surpasses all other squashes.

At least that is so for some of us. What squash? The tender, delicious, and considerably different scalloped white bush pan patty squash.

Special? Bush Pan Patty Squash?

The bush pan patty squash truly is different. It’s surpassingly tender if picked at the optimal time; almost all of the squash is eaten—none of it gets wasted.

The optimal size is generally about 4-1/2 inches diameter. Cooked at that time, even the skin and seeds can be eaten. In fact, they contribute to the texture of the squash. However, I have eaten them even larger, and they are still great.

The referenced article describes the way to successfully grow bush pan patty squash. It also speaks of different ways the harvested vegetable can be prepared. Yet it leaves out one means of preparation that makes this squash different from most other squashes. Not that the usual preparations aren’t fine. But the method I suggest below highlights the bush pan patty squash’s tender, delicious, different nature.


bush pan patty squash

First, take two to four of these white flying-saucer shaped squash and take out only the very center where the stem joins the fruit. Don’t dig the hole through the squash, however. A very small cone shape cut is all that is needed.

Flip the squash over. Remove the tan spot in similar fashion. Flaws on the skin, if any, are selectively removed. If the squash is a little large, the skin and seeds can be hard and may need removal.

Quarter the squash as you would quarter a pie. Place the pieces in a sufficiently large pot with a lid that has a vegetable steamer in the bottom. Cook till tender. Remove the water and put a sufficiently abundant quantity of butter, say one-quarter pound, in the pot. Place the squash atop the butter and add a cup or two of whole milk. Using a low to medium heat, stir and squash the squash so it begins to resemble mashed potatoes.

In The End: A Great Reward!

Serve piping hot with additional butter if desired and with cracked pepper. Salt to taste. Mm-Yummy! No. Mm-Exquisite!

Since writing this article, I found a most excellent video about this lovely squash. I’m sure you will appreciate the fellow’s gardening scenes and how he describes what is going on as how he cooks his squash in a frying pan and prepares it as a sandwich.

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