Is It a Honeybee? Is It a Bumble Bee? No, It’s a Carpenter Bee

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honey, bumble and carpenter bees.Many people love Summer, perhaps with certain reservations: excessive heat and humidity, mosquitoes, snakes, ticks chiggers, hurricanes, power outages, and certain bees. What kind of bees? Well, they’re not sure altogether. There are honeybees – they’re OK. Wasps and hornets are not beloved. Yellow Jackets are a no-no.

Bumble bees are usually not too much of a problem, even though they can sting. Yet there is a kind of “bumble bee” or perhaps a look-alike that does not sting. In fact, it seems downright friendly! The only problem with these guys is they drill holes – the most perfect holes – in wood. Once in, they build tunnels. This also is a no-no.

They’re Carpenter Bees

These hole-drilling bees are carpenter bees. No one wants holes in their outbuildings. If there aren’t many bees and if the issue is not an untreated, long-standing one, the problem is not so great. Well, I experienced an exception. One drilled a hole in the handle of my shovel about half-way down the handle, rendering the shovel pretty-much useless…

At least they don’t sting. In fact, the male has no stinger. What of the female? They are not inclined to sting. You pretty much have to push them to distraction to get them to sting. Frighteningly at first, carpenter bees will fly to within a couple of feet of your face and stare at you. This is not so ominous if you view it playfully as mere curiosity.

Not the Cross of a Honeybee with a Bumble Bee

Notice the similarities in appearance between the three variety of bees in the image provided. If you are one of those who insists on adding carpenter bees to your list of pests, you can spray wood surfaces with a pyrethrin based spray specifically designated to handle carpenter bees. But you could also employ a do-it-yourself approach to eliminating the critters using a trap.

Whether you choose to employ a carpenter bee trap or not, you may find the following video both interesting and informative…

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2 thoughts on “Is It a Honeybee? Is It a Bumble Bee? No, It’s a Carpenter Bee

  • That’s certainly an interesting video. I was sad he wanted to kill the carpenter bees but when I saw the destruction made by the bees, followed by woodpeckers, I could understand it.

    • Some other YouTube videos feature traps, but they are made to be attractive besides functional. The thing is this: the average person hasn’t got the time, skill, or patience to make a “cute” trap. The video I feature is functional and easy to make.

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