The Crane Fly a Giant Mosquito?

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Crane Fly Giant MosquitoWhat looks like a giant mosquito doesn’t drink blood. In fact, it is not a mosquito at all, but a moderately harmless pest, the crane fly. The crane fly (family Tipulidae) is considered a nuisance because it damages certain plants—most notably turf.  For this reason, it is despised by England’s cricket players. “I say, rather quirky, Old Bean.”

A Giant Mosquito?

Here in the U.S. most people haven’t got a clue what the crane fly is. They are so insignificant a problem I always try to spare them by hand-carrying them out of doors if they get inside. Maybe I’m just too old and growing sentimental? If so, maybe it’s a condition we should all suffer from.

Crane Fly Giant Mosquito
Heads Up, Governor! Image by Thomas Shahan CC By 2.0

In fact, some varieties of crane fly make pests of themselves by by grazing on the roots and root hairs of certain outdoor crops. At the same time, these flies are on the menu of other creatures, including spiders, birds, and in the case of water dwelling flies, fish and amphibians. Thus they do offer some redeeming value.

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