Heavy Cream and Whipping Cream: What’s the Difference?

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heavy cream and whipping creamYou shop often at your local grocery store, and you’re pretty well acquainted with what they carry. Even if it threw you for a loop at first, you learned the difference between baking soda and baking powder.

In time, you even learned what gefilte fish was! Your grocery list today includes cream for use in a dessert topping. You head to the dairy section and see assorted cartons of milk, half and half, light cream, and… heavy cream and whipping cream. Hmm. Which one do you buy What’s the difference between them?heavy cream and whipping cream

Both Work

Generally speaking, both whipping cream and heavy cream will achieve the desired result. In fact, some brands have taken to more specific labeling to better identify what they are. Some companies have chosen to say their whipping cream contains 33% milk fat.

On the other hand, some are labeling their heavy cream as heavy whipping cream. Heavy cream contains yet a higher, if unspecified, milk fat content. It may be a bit more expensive. It should be noted the higher the milk fat of the cream, the stiffer the peaks when whipped.

So the Question Arises…

How do companies control milk fat content in their whipping cream? Separators utilize centrifugal force to mechanically (rather than chemically) separate the milk. As needed, milk fat levels can be maintained by adding back some of the separated fat to maintain the desired level.

The video below illustrates commercial efforts at improving milk separators. This video clearly was prepared with potential buyers, rather than the general public, in mind…

The Decision is Yours

We are living in times where changes in diet, once suggested as of essential importance, are being re-evaluated. Butter, once castigated, is regaining favor. Eggs, evil ovoids of nature, are returning to the breakfast table. Carob as a replacement for chocolate, is ancient history.

In view of the above, whether you purchase whipping cream or heavy cream is up to you. Either product is likely to satisfy your needs. Some feel lower fat is healthier. However, before reaching that conclusion, you may find one or two of the reference articles below of interest.

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