How Many Cells are There in a Chicken Egg?

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chicken egg
Fried Chicken Egg – Image David Benbennick

The simple, lowly chicken egg. Tasty. How do you like them? I eat boiled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, egg salad, deviled eggs, one-eyed sandwiches, souffles, you name it. And don’t forget breading foods for frying, or egg washes for baking. What about you? How do you eat eggs?

So how many cells are there in the egg of a chicken? Many eggs have only one cell. Surely a chicken egg can’t be just one cell, right?

There are many seemingly silly things in actuality we’d love to know about. You know that statement is true. But consider, now, the lowly egg. How many cells (the building block of any organism) are in a simple egg?chicken egg

Chicken Egg – How Many Cells?

The female gamete or egg cell for most species is generally quite small, being no larger than a pencil point. Oddly enough, the large, edible egg of a chicken consists of just one single, solitary cell. Quirky!

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