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Home of the Indian Mathematician
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Here is a mathematics joke you should find funny if you took high school math… The Indian Mathematician.

Indian Mathematician

An Indian chief was also an Indian mathematician. He had a conjecture (theorem as yet to be proven) and three wives, all of whom were pregnant. Being very intelligent he thought he could prove the conjecture with the help of his wives.

1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians

He had three tepees built. He placed an antelope hide in the first one, a buffalo hide in the second one and a rhinoceros hide in the third.

When the time for the wives to give birth arrived, he put the first in the first tepee, the second in the second tepee and the third in the third tepee. He then waited.

4 Little Indian Boys?

After some hours, the first and second wives gave birth to sons. Later, the third wife gave birth to twin boys. To his delight, with the births came the proof of his conjecture, which of course was now a theorem:

β€œThe sons of the squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws on the other two hides.”

Can I be forgiven for this shaggy dog? And for the grammatical mistake in the theorem? -EHF.

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Mike was poisoned by one of his associates who had coated the piano keys with a clear,water soluble poison. The moisture from the surface of the ice-water glass on a hot, muggy day, produced condensation. That moisture enabled the poison to be absorbed through Mike’s skin, leading to his death.

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