The Indian Strawberry Vs. The Wild Strawberry

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Indian Strawberry
Indian Strawberry – Image by Kurt Stuber
The Indian strawberry, also known as the mock strawberry (Duchesnea indica) with its small yellow flowers and red fruits is often seen in lawns. It resembles a tiny strawberry, but the seed to pulp ratio is high and, despite its name, affords the eater little in the way of flavor.

The Wild or Woodlands Strawberry

There is another fruit that is often seen in similar terrain as the Indian strawberry. It is the Wild or Woodlands strawberry (Fragaria vesca). Differing from the Indian strawberry, the Wild strawberry offers lovely fragrance and rich flavor.

Wild Strawberries – Image by Ural-66

Additional differences include its small white flowers. And its seeds are not on top of the pulp, but embedded in it, as can be seen from the images.

How Did the Commercial Strawberry Originate?

First, it ought to be said that Woodlands strawberries are raised and sold commercially, worldwide, for enthusiasts. It is highly prized for its fragrance and flavor. However, the fruit we generally call a strawberry is a modified, cultivated version of that strawberry. When any foodstuff is cultivated, often the outcome favors the grower and his requirements.

Why Gather Wild Strawberries?

Strawberry Flowers
(L) Indian Strawberry by Thegreenj (R) Woodlands Strawberry (PD image)

The wild strawberry can’t be gathered, grown, or purchased. It can be used to make a marvelous jam. You think it’d be a waste of time? Watch this 46-second video and see if you are not tempted!

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