Origin Earth: From External Matter or By On Site Fusion?

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Origin Earth
Nuclear fusion in a red giant.

Origin Earth: As elementary school students, we are taught many subjects, including science. We are taught proven facts, which is a fine thing. Yet some unproven ideas may be included disguised as actual fact.

A science theory may be popular yet wrong. Recall the ancient idea that Earth is supported in space by objects such as elephants and turtles, rather than by gravity. Also recall our planet was thought to be the center of the universe, while the sun rotated about it.

Finally, remember, recall, realize that some felt the earth was one heck-of-a huge flat pancake.

The Big Bang Theory

One popular origins theory is the Big Bang. Simply put, a large explosion occurred that propelled matter and energy out from the center of space. Matter, whether gaseous or otherwise, formed stars and other objects in space, including Earth. Earth formed from higher atomic mass material produced by fusion in the stars. But does this picture suffice? Or, rather, is it proven fact? Could there be another explanation?

Origin Earth: Consider Its Core

Earth’s core has long been identified as a combination of molten nickel and iron. These are not the heaviest of the elements. Is it a coincidence these two particular metals are found at the center? It is fair to ask such a question, as these two metals are the end products of energy producing fission and fusion processes. These processes are common in high mass stars.

High Mass Stars

As the QuirkyScience article Characteristics of a High Mass Star relates, atoms such as hydrogen and helium can be fused together with the release of energy, up to approximately the iron-nickel atomic mass point. Gravity draws these metals to a star’s center.

Thus the Question Arises…

If the earth is constructed from previously formed higher molecular weight stellar matter, why does Earth’s center consist of iron and nickel, and not a mixture of all of the elements? Was Earth perhaps originally a star-like object itself? For that matter, might it have originated, not of atoms from elsewhere, but through processes initiated at its current location?

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