Eight Correct Ways to Pet Your Cat

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Pet your cat.
“Please pet me…”

Back because of its popularity, this article discusses a cat’s eight favorite ways to be petted. Yes, there are eight ways to pet your cat so you will become its “best bud.” Let’s enumerate them. Before we do so, however, please take special note…

You should always rub, scratch, and pet a cat in the natural direction in which its fur lies down. Also, don’t overdo it. Here are the eight ways to pet your cat.

1. Scratch just in front of its tail. This is Kitty’s favorite form of scratching.
2. Scratch along the backbone with two or three fingers.
3. With one finger, scratch lightly in the depressions just behind the ears.
4. Rub the palm of your hand under the cat’s tummy.
5. Using the thumbs of both hands, rub the cat’s facial fur backward.
6. Gently rub its forehead back and between its ears.
7. Rub the cat’s side smoothly and all the way back.
8. Completely pull the cat’s tail from the base all the way past its tip.1

Pet your cat.
There are exceptions.

If you wish to ingratiate a cat that tends toward hostility, cautiously apply each of the above suggestions. I would suggest you begin your program by using petting techniques 1, 8, and 3. Now these same techniques work with most dogs, though sometimes a dog might be trained to resist friendly interaction with humans.

When Not to Pet a Cat

Yes, here is what you’ve been expecting, my public disclaimer: Always take sensible precautions when dealing with animals, realizing that even normally friendly creatures can because of experience, training, or other factors, attack the well-wishing enthusiast.

1 Do not overdo the strength of pull on a cat’s tail. Men especially may overdo this.

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